Tania Meacher

Tania Meacher, MFHT, VTCT, SAC dip,  specialism is in Preconception, Pregnancy & Postnatal care .She is the face of her own business, Zenses Holistic Therapies. She runs clinics from her therapy room in the garden at  home in Havant, and also in Cosham and Chichester.

Tania’s Qualifications & Expertise:

  • Certificate in Swedish Massage & Pregnancy Massage
  • Diploma Reflexology
  • Certificates Reproflexology
  • Certificate in Infertility & Maternity Reflexology & Advanced Reflexology
  • Preconception, Pregnancy & Postnatal Reflexology Care Diploma
  • Diploma Health, Safety & Security & Employment Standards
  • Diet & Nutritional Advisor Diploma (distinction)
  • Certificate in Hand Reflexology & Facial reflexology
  • Diploma in Hands Free Massage & Indian Head Massage
  • Certificates in Reiki
  • Qualified Light Touch Reflexology Educator – babies & toddlers
  • Full time self employed therapist since 2010
  • Treated nearly 2000 preconception, pregnancy or postnatal clients
  • Birthing partner to clients water birth, St Richards Hospital, using massage and reflexology to promote regular contractions, and ease labour.
  • Assisted mum to be of twins to carry till 41 weeks using a combination of massage & reflexology, home water birth
  • Supported couples to successfully conceive after receiving fertility reflexology
  • Working with Portsmouth & Havant Borough Council, offering therapies to carers throughout the local area on specialised Pamper days
  • Worked along side the MS Society on carer event days
  • Worked with many disabilities including blindness, ADHD and Cerebral Palsy
  • Has had an article published in an Australian Magazine
  • Has been a featured guest on several blogs about her business
  • Nominated for The Life Achievement Award & the Inspirational Woman Award for the Natwest Venus Awards 2014
  • Selected as a finalist two years in a row, 2014 & 2015, for the category of the Small Business Award for Networking Mummies UK Ltd.
  • Professional member of the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register
  • Holds a current Disclosure Barring Service record, (DBS) and will offer treatment to minors, providing they are accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Tania has always had an interest in the alternative lifestyle, and finding herself in a situation of being a single mother of 3, she embarked on retraining to start her own business in something she was passionate about. She used homeopathy all the way through her pregnancies and wanted to build on that to offer a service for mums to be.

When not reading up on the latest research, studying, massaging and doing general business stuff, Tania enjoys Ceroc Dancing and catching up with her friends or travelling.

75% of all illness is due to the effects which stress and tension have on the body! Holistic Treatments are one of the best methods to promote and restore balance within the body by easing tension and the effects of stress.

Preconception, Pregnancy & Postnatal care

Preparing the body and mind prior to conceiving is essential to the development and growth of your baby. Ideally both partners should take part in preparing at least four months prior to trying to conceive to provide healthy sperm and eggs.

Consider going green, remove chemical cleaners from the household, put into place relaxation techniques to help reduce the stress from your life, include additional exercise into your weekly routine. Eliminate the use of sugars, alcohol nicotine and caffeine, and switch to healthy whole organic cooked foods and avoid processed and junk foods.

Regular massage and reflexology can assist with reducing stress and restoring balance back into the body and assist you through your journey to parenthood.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Studies have indicated that a pregnancy massage can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve lower back pain, pain and discomfort of the symphysis pubis (pubic joint), fatigue and morning sickness, cramps, oedema and help improve labour outcomes and new born health.

With the arrival of a new baby it is even more important to give yourself quality “me-time.” It’s all too easy to focus all your energy and time on your baby and to forget your own needs. Postnatal massages helps reduces fatigue, increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles, alleviating musculoskeletal aches and pains, as well as providing emotional and mental health support,  helping the new mum overcome and recover from post-partum depression and reorients the mother to get back to her original form pre pregnancy.


Zen Mama Pamper Package – No. 1 BESTSELLER

The fabulous Zen Mama pamper package was designed to focus on the special needs of mum-to-be as her body goes through some dramatic but wonderful changes and has fast become one the most popular treatments.

A tailored treatment focusing on weight-bearing areas, upper back, lower back, feet and legs, consisting of pregnancy massage and maternity reflexology for mums-to-be. This treatment can be adapted for post natal treatments as well as an indulgent pampering treat just because you can.


Maternity/Postnatal Reflexology

From your first trimester into labour, reflexology offers a natural way of helping you to adjust to your changing body shape. Working on reflex points on your feet, rebalancing hormones, promoting relaxation for both mum and baby. research carried out shows that mums who received at least 9 treatments during their pregnancy had a far shorter labour, 5-6 hours and required less pain relief.

Reflexology may help with overdue babies by relaxing mum to be, reducing her worries and anxiety, enabling her to be in the best frame of mind, which allows baby to feel safe and nurtured and ready to make their entrance into the world.

Postnatal reflexology is a perfect time for mum and new born baby to bond during treatment. rebalancing your body post birth, encouraging your menstrual cycle to return to normal and boost energy levels. research shows that reflexology helps reduce the effects of Postnatal depression (PND)


Block book 3 treatments SAVE £10

Block book 6 treatments SAVE £20

Reproflexology/Fertility Reflexology

A bespoke service that increase your chances of conception by 50%.

Fertility reflexology can be used as a stand alone treatment to enhance your natural fertility or with conventional treatments such as Clomid, as well as fully medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, ICSI and donor eggs.

When having IVF treatments, Reflexology offers deep relaxation, which is important in that phase. This often supports the body to have the right hormonal balance when the time comes to harvest the eggs.

Reproflexology is working with both partners, helping you to understand your own individual fertility indicators. The aim is to correct any hormone imbalances, improve physical conditions, manage stress levels and correct any irregularities.

Conditions that maybe helped are:

  • Stimulating ovulation
  • Removing stress and emotional blocks to conception
  • Regulating periods and PMT
  • Male sub-fertility

INITIAL CONSULATATION Full medical history, lifestyle and diet questionnaire, mini treatment/assessment.  (90 mins) £70


Block book 3 treatments SAVE £10

Block book 6 treatments SAVE £20

All therapies are tailored to the individual to enable you to receive the most beneficial treatment possible.

Tania can be contacted through her website, Facebook or email:










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Had my 2nd Zen Mama Massage and reflexology today…. Was transported to heaven! Currently 38weeks and feeling exhausted as also suffering with Pelvic girdle pain. Left feeling a new woman and on top of the world! If budget allowed I would have this every couple of days until little one appears (& beyond!) Lisa

My maternity reflexology treatment was amazing – it was absolutely wonderful right at the end of my pregnancy (I had four treatments booked in the last four weeks) and I actually ended up having a show a few hours after my third treatment. My little girl was born in just under 4 hours a few days later! So glad I booked it!!! Faye

 I had the Zen Mama. With a bad back and pregnant with an I.V.F. baby there was no way I was going to take any medication for my bad back, that could harm my baby. I then found Tania. With regular treatments my pregnancy went completely smooth and I found myself so relaxed afterwards. I recommend any pregnant lady to have this package. It was the one thing I looked forward too for me, and with Tania’s professional but friendly approach you cannot go wrong! As soon as I entered the therapy room I instantly felt relaxed. Victoria

Had a lovely reflexology appointment on Thursday at 39 weeks pregnant, turns out I was in early stages of labour. Having mild cramps before I got to Zenses and during treatment. Left at 2:30pm and had my baby boy in my arms by 6:40pm!! Labour had clearly started for me, but a wonderful relaxing treatment that put me in a very positive and relaxed mind set, with what went on to be a quick labour of 2hr 12mins!! Def think the relaxed state helped! Thank you! Georgina