Hotstone Massage

Hotstone massage therapy can be enjoyed simply for its relaxing qualities; or to address the effects of a wide range of health problems. The primary goal of a Hot Stones massage is to open and reconnect energy channels in the body, releasing tension and heightening relaxation.

When massage is performed with hot stones, the effects can be greatly enhanced. One massage stroke performed with a hot stone is believed to be seven times more effective than with hands alone.


* Releases tension in the joints

* Increases joint mobility

* Relieves tight muscles & stiffness

* Improves circulation

* Reduces muscle fatigue

* Strengthens the immune system

* Reduces stress & anxiety

* Releases endorphins

* Improves skin elasticity

* Improves digestion (relieves constipation, IBS, colic & wind)

* Alleviates depression

The ‘feel good factor’ can last for up to several weeks after treatment


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Hotstone massage at Chichester Clinical Massage

“After suffering with sciatica for years I had tried most things and accepted that I may need to just live with the pain. After seeing Chichester Clinical Massage’s website, I thought I’d give Donna a try – I had nothing to lose! After the first session, I was in less pain and reduced my pain relief medication. After 3 weekly sessions, the pain was almost gone and I was able to cycle again.”

T. Chichester