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Microblading is a highly specialised technique where the practitioner delivers hypoallergenic pigment into the upper dermis. Unlike the pen used in tattoo saloons, the micro blade can create the illusion of a single hair stroke, and this critical difference is why Microblading is growing in popularity. This treatment is ideal for men, women and transgender as well as for people with alopecia or post chemotherapy (after medication has stopped). Microblading is also beneficial for those who are looking to restore lost / scarce brows, redefine thin irregular brows, fill in gaps or simply shape and contour for a refreshed look.  

Your eyebrows are a vital part of your personality. Not only do they frame your face but over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them. That is why the right brow shape and colour can add such dimension and create a refreshed look.

What are Microblades?

Microblades are made up of a tiny row of small sterile surgical steel needles which are presented in a row. They have between 7-18 needles in each row and may be slanted or u shaped. How a needle is selected depends on skin type and coarseness of hair on the brow.

For clients who have little or no eyebrow I would recommend the 7 step high definition brow. This tinting, drawing and powdered affect will last one month and allow you to become accustomed to having brows before taking the plunge. 

After a happy and highly successful career in the Hospitality Industry, Donna decided two years ago to concentrate all her time on her first love as a make-up artist. Donna is also a qualified brow technician and it was through this journey that she discovered Microblading. Being utterly fascinated by this treatment Donna’s excitement grew as she researched more on this topic and the incredible results it can provide. Having naturally thin and irregular eyebrows, Donna knows all too well how time consuming it is having to draw on your own brows every morning.

After further research, Donna found on of the best academies in the country and embarked on a training course with Beauty Concepts International; a school with more than 25 years’ experience and who are regulated by the European Standard Authority. Using award winning pigments, equipment, Donna studied advanced level 4 qualifications in this field.

Donna’s mission is to restore and transform the eyebrows of her clients working with skill and to the highest standard, delivering the most realistic shape, colour and contour to suit each individual’s face.

A patch test must be carried out prior to treatment and a medical history form completed in the first consultation. (45 minutes)

Allow minimum of 2 hours for the procedure.

Following post procedure instructions: the healing period is 5-10 days where a dusting of flaky skin is shed, there is no down time after this treatment and the top -up is scheduled 4-6 weeks later.  

Microblading last up to 6-18 months.

Standard cost £300  

Call Donna direct on 01243 827936 or 07518 215504       

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“I was one of Donna’s first models, she had given my mum cracking brows and I called her to fill in my skinny brows. I’m so happy with the result and it didn’t hurt. No more time consuming disasters and I can swim and keep my brows on! It has transformed my daily routine and my face looks less bald. Well done Donna and thank you again” Luisa

“I had cancer a few years ago and lost my eyebrows through Chemo, Donna was so patient and reassuring. Donna talked me through each stage and did a wonderful job, and I’ve also found a new friend. You’ve put a smile back on my face Donna. I love the result” Josephine