Clinical Hotstone

Using hotstones during a treatment provides a luxurious, pampering massage – but hotstones can be so much more than just a treat!

Stones can also be used clinically to treat chronic pain and acute injuries. Clinical hotstone techniques combine long Swedish massage strokes, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy so are a fantastic edition to using hands alone. They are particularly beneficial when treating areas of pain such as neck, shoulder and low back pain.

Combining hot and cold temperatures can aid the heating process by ‘flushing’ the affected area and bringing fresh blood (with oxygen and nutrients) into it.

Cold stones help to reduce swelling, decrease inflammation and pain – making them particularly useful in the treatment of acute injuries. Hot stones can help to relax tight muscles and other connective tissues and are used in the treatment of chronic conditions and older injuries.

We use Basalt massage stones, carefully selected for their smooth texture and ability to conduct heat. For cold application, we use marble stones on the affected areas.

Benefits of heat application:

* Decreases pain by producing an anaesthetic effect

* Encourages pliability of muscles and fascia

* Encourages relaxation

* Increases ease of movement

* Decreases muscle contraction

* Increases blood supply to damaged area


Benefits of cold application:

* Prevents and reduces swelling

* Decreases inflammation

* Decreases pain and sensory input

* Decreases stretch reflex

* Increases ease of movement

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Clinical-Hotstone  at Chichester Clinical Massage

“After suffering with sciatica for years I had tried most things and accepted that I may need to just live with the pain. After seeing Chichester Clinical Massage’s website, I thought I’d give Donna a try – I had nothing to lose! After the first session, I was in less pain and reduced my pain relief medication. After 3 weekly sessions, the pain was almost gone and I was able to cycle again.”

T. Chichester